Kelsy Lartius (lär-shus) is a creative entrepreneur with a fascination and love for music, design, and business. She creates websites and branding materials for musicians and small businesses in order to create their unique identity, connect with their audience, and craft an image that speaks for them.

From early in life, Kelsy has been surrounded by artists, musicians, and creative people. Some of her biggest influences include: her grandmother, an all-encompassing creator of art, from painting to singing to photography to writing and everything in between; and her father, a musician, scientist, and entrepreneur. With the support of her family, she grew to become just like them–wanting to do it all.

Since Kelsy was in high school, she has wanted to start a career in the music business, focusing somewhere on the marketing or artist management side. During her two years at the University of Iowa, she became interested in entrepreneurship, hoping to start and run a company that serves musicians as they attempt to conquer the new digital age of the music industry.

In addition to her passions for music and entrepreneurship, Kelsy has learned graphic design, web design (including some basic HTML/CSS coding), and photography in her free time. With her do-it-all attitude, she decided to start doing freelance work. Though she is still in her beginning stages, she has so far completed projects for family, friends, and beyond.

Kelsy also loves traveling, going to cool restaurants, New York City, finding new music, mountains, ice cream, and dogs. She lives in Denver, Colorado, and she is currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business from Berklee College of Music Online. For more information, send her a message here!