Ames Digital Sound Logo & Business Card

ads-logo-thumb In the summer of 2015, I had the¬†opportunity to redo Ames Digital Sound’s logo. Prior to this update, the logo was a little outdated, and some of the text was hard to read due to perspective issues. It also didn’t always show up well on different mediums. With this update, I gave the Ames Digital Sound Logo a clean and modern look, and greatly simplified it as well. I kept the same idea, the EQ “lights” and lettering on placed on top. I decided to add the black oval in order to allow the logo to be flexible to different mediums and colors. The bright color gradient from green to red used to be a continuous gradient passing through each block, but I changed it to look like a paint color palette gradient.


I also updated their business card with the new logo. In order to keep things from looking too simple, I added in the EQ background adapted from the logo.